Interdisciplinary M.Tech(JCS) 

Admission Process Details for Academic session 2022-2023:

Date: May 2022


For Interdisciplinary M.Tech(JCS) Shortlisting criteria: click here

List of Shortlisted Candidates for M.Tech(JCS) Program for the Interview: click here

Interview Conducted on:  23rd May 2022 to 24th May 2022

List of Foreign Shortlisted Candidates for the M.Tech(JCS) Program for the Interview: click here

Interview Conducted on:  23rd May 2022 to 24th May 2022

If you feel that you should have been shortlisted, but you haven't been, then read the criteria very carefully. If you are still not satisfied, then drop an e-mail to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Interviews will be conducted for all the shortlisted candidates. Please fill up this Google form before 9:30 PM, Wednesday, May 15th.
Only shortlisted candidates need to fill up the Google form. This is MANDATORY.

Keep your photo id handy for the interview.


The interviews are on the 23rd and 24th of May 2022. They will be conducted on Microsoft Teams

  • Ensure that your audio/video connections are working and you can seamlessly connect to MS Teams.
  • The video needs to be on at all points of time.
  • You are not allowed to record the video or access other audio/video devices during the interview.
  • Have a notebook and a pen handy.
  • Please wait in the lobby of MS Teams. You will be admitted when your time comes.
  • Please check this site once every day at 11 AM till your interview date. You may find new information including interview


  • Study basic first-year mathematics (including probability), algorithms and data structures, computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks, and basic logic. Focus on proofs of algorithms and why basic mechanisms work.

For the interview schedule: click here



Admission Process Details 2021-2022:

Date: June 2021.

List of Shortlisted Candidates for Part-Time M.Tech(JCS) Program for the Interview: click here

Interview Conducted on: 11th June 2021

List of Shortlisted Foreign Candidates for M.Tech(JCS) Program for the Interview: click here

Interview Conducted on: 12th June 2021


Link of provisionally selected candidates subject to documents verification and Dean Approval:





Orientation Day Details:

Held on 4th August 2021  at 11:00 am in two-part.

Part A is the common round for New Admission (SIT and Cyber Security)

The following is the summary of Part A:
1  Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda gave a brief introduction to the School of IT.
2  Faculty Introduction
3  Student Introduction

Part B 

Click here for the Part B of the orientation session

The following is the summary of Part B:
1  Prof. Huzur Saran inaugurated the session with a brief introduction to Cyber Security and its challenges.
2  Prof. Smruti Ranjan Sarangi talked about the program overview and highlighted one of the three-stream i.e. Embedded System and Hardware Security.
3  Prof. Ashok K Bhateja highlighted the Cryptography and Cryptanalysis Stream.
4  Prof. Harshan Jagadeesh presented the System Security and Cyber Forensics stream.
5  Prof. Arpan Kar talked about Cyber Security from a Management perspective
6  Prof. Huzur Saran concluded the session