Broad Objectives


  • To foster cutting edge research in the area of Cyber Systems and Information Assurance.
  • To train manpower and contribute to capacity building.
  • To provide leadership to form strategic partnerships with external organizations including the government and defense sector in a long term program of community outreach.
  • To develop content and offer Short‐Term Courses for industry, government and academia.



Important Activities of the Center of Excellence


  1. Research in the area of Cyber Security, Cyber Systems and Information Assurance: The CoE will pursue research in important areas such as critical infrastructure cyber security, Visual analytics for cyber security, Wireless security, Mobile Security, Network Security, Bio‐inspired technologies for enhancing cyber security, Cyber security in Online Social Media (OSM), Cyber forensics, Detection of Cyber crime and Data fraud and Low cost system design.                                                                                          
  2. Manpower Development and Capacity Building The CoE has a strong agenda for the Manpower Development and Capacity Building in this important area. Specifically, the CoE will engage in high‐quality Content creation and offer Short Term Courses for academia, industry and government. Workshops and Summer Schools are being planned. In the near future, the CoE will start Certificate Programs and a Masters Program in Cyber security. A Cyber Security Lab has also been set up. The CoE will also engage in increasing public awareness in order to improve the posture of information assurance awareness locally, regionally and nationally.
  3. Collaboration with other institutes The CoE is already collaborating with the following universities: 
    1. University of Nebraska, USA
    2. Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
    The CoE intends to start Joint PhD programs and faculty and student exchange with different universities.