Associated Faculty Members and their Research Areas


 Department of Electrical Engineering


  • Prof Ranjan Bose:- Ultra Wideband (UWB) Communications, Constructing Nonlinear Trellis Codes with good distance properties, Optimal Base Station Location for Wireless Communication Systems, Interference Reduction using Trellis Coded Modulation, Secure Communications using Chaos theory, Interference Reduction Techniques for Local to Multipoint Distribution Services (LMDS) and Memory efficient and low power design.                         
  • Dr B.K Panigrahi:- Power Quality, FACTS Device, Power System Protection and  AI Application to Power System.
  • Dr Nilanjan Senroy:- Power System Stability and Control, Wide area Measurement and Control and Statistical Techniques in Power Systems and Power Quality.
  • Prof Bhim Singh:- Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives, HVDC, FACTS, Power Quality, Renewable Energy ,DSP Based Control of Power Converter and Drive.


Department of Computer Science & Engineering


  • Prof Huzur Saran:- Wireless Networks,Systems & Network Security,Network Performance Analysis and Algorithms
  • Prof Sanjiva Prasad:- Design and implementation of programming languages for mobile distributed computing, Process calculi for mobility,Security protocols and Type systems and functional programming.
  • Prof Saroj Kaushik:- Artificial Intelligence, Location Based Services.
  • Dr Kolin Paul:- Reconfigurable Computing, Embedded Computing and Silicon Compilation.
  • Dr Ragesh Jaiswal:- Algorithms, Complexity, Theoretical Cryptography and Machine Learning.

  • Dr Smruti Ranjan Sarangi:- Multicore processors, Networks on chip, Operating systems for Parallel computers and Parallel algorithms

  • Prof Anupam Joshi (V.F.):- Intelligent Networked Systems, Mobile Computing, Creating networking and data management techniques,Networked System, Artificial / Computational Intelligence, Distributed AI (Adaptive MultiAgent Systems), soft AI (NeuroFuzzy Learning) approaches, MultiAgent Systems for Mobile Computing, Semantic Web,Web/Data Mining and Personalization and MultiAgent Systems for Ubiquitous and Networked Scientific Computing.

  • Dr Karuna Pande Joshi (V.F.):- Cloud computing, Healthcare, Big Data analytics, Databases, Web Technologies and Data mining.

  • Dr Subodh Sharma:- High Performance computing,Concurrency and Formal Verification.


Department of Management Studies


  • Prof M.P. Gupta:- Cloud information Systems and Information system management and  E-Commerce and E-governance.
  • Dr Arpan Kumar Kar:- E-business, E-commerce, E-governance, M-commerce, Decision support systems and Business analytics.
  • Dr Vigneshwara:- Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD), Urban Women Microentrepreneurs & Mobile phones, Electronic Governance, ICT Employment in India, Indian IT Industry - Inter firm linkages, Small firms, R&D centers of MNCs, Social Media and Business applications.
  • Prof Ravi Shankar:-  Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management & Six Sigma, Strategic Technology Management, Quantitative modeling, Knowledge Management


Department of Mechanical Engineering


  • Prof S.P. Singh:- Dynamics of Rotating Machinery, Composite Materials, Machine Design, Active Vibration Control and Nano-Mechanics.


Department of Civil Engineering


  • Dr Suresh Bhalla:- Smart materials and structures.Structural health monitoring, Non-destructive evaluation, Engineered Bamboo structure, Tensegrity structures, Underground structures, Smart material technologies for bio-mechanics systems, Experimental system identification, Experimental structural dynamics and Adaptation and transfer of aerospace technologies to civil engineering systems and Energy harvesting.


Department of Mathematics


  • Prof Niladri Chatterjee:-  Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence,Reasoning, Statistical Modelling and Semantic Web.